Andy Crouch shows us how to use our creative power wisely.

Entrepreneurs, by definition, aspire to a certain kind of power -- the power to create something from nothing, or as Peter Thiel called it, going "from zero to one." In one sense the purpose of the Praxis Course is to prepare leaders for the wise and godly use of that kind of power.  

Power can be an uncomfortable subject in Christian circles. But in this final session, Praxis Scholar Andy Crouch returns to supply biblical wisdom regarding what power is and isn't, and how it can be used wisely or unwisely. 



1. How has your story shaped your understanding of—and reaction to—power?

Use Andy's points from the first section of the talk to spark discussion: that some people have a cynical (honest but not hopeful) view of power; while others have a naive (hopeful but not honest) view of power.


2. Do you believe that in the end, it's possible for power to cultivate self-sacrifice, rather than to corrupt?

Is the example Andy gives (our treatment of our children) transferable to other expressions of power?


3. What might it look like to exercise your power over your business in the "cohortative" posture of Scripture—the posture of "let us make"?

Additional thoughts here for facilitator.


4. Evaluate your venture idea using Andy's revision of Nietzsche's statement on power:

a) Does it create room for new kinds of flourishing, variety, and life?

b) Does it resist the chaos that threatens true life?

c) Does it invite others into mutual creation and tending of the world?

d) Does it build relationships where there had been none?

e) Does it create more power for more creation?

If a participant doesn't have their own venture, they can speak about one they are familiar with. 


5. How has your entrepreneurial journey called you into both increasing authority and increasing vulnerability? How might God be calling you to grow further in these two directions?

Additional Readings

Andy Crouch, Playing God, "Exploration: Genesis 1–2" and "Power is a Gift" (p. 29–53)

Andy Crouch, Strong and Weak, Ch 1: "Beyond the False Choice" (p. 9–26)

Andy Crouch, Strong and Weak, Ch 2: "Flourishing" (p. 27–4)

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